Tips for Playing Golf in Windy Conditions


If you want to play golf like a professional, then you need to make sure you know how to play a wonderful game, no matter the weather. It is a known fact that when it is windy outdoors, it is extremely difficult to play golf, but not impossible. Here are some useful tips for playing golf in windy conditions.

Tip 1

Plenty of golfers hit the ball quite high when it is windy because they think that this way they obtain the desired result, which is wrong. It is highly recommended to hit the ball lower, instead of higher, when you play iron shots downwind, in order to obtain a wonderful result. The idea is to actually hit the ball low downwind, to take advantage of the breeze. It is essential to keep the ball under the wind, and you can definitely do this by hitting a low knockdown. Keep in mind this important detail, so that you can obtain wonderful results on the golf course.

Tip 2

It is a known fact that a driver can definitely generate more clubhead speed that a wedge can do. You are probably wondering why. A thing like this happens due to the fact that the club is a lot longer and it actually generates a greater centripetal force. Therefore, you need to take an extra club and choke down. By doing so, you will be able to control better your club, and stiffen your shaft. If the shaft is stiffer, then it will whip less and it also generates less clubhead speed, in order to help you keep your ball lower with less spin.

Tip 3

Another important tip is to swing easy when it is breezy. There are many golf players that make a huge mistake by hitting the ball extremely hard, in order to compensate for the wind. This is definitely very wrong, and what you actually need to do is to go for a smooth, controlled swing. You are probably not going to obtain the desired result at the beginning, but if you exercise, you will certainly achieve your goal. These 3 tips for playing golf in windy conditions will certainly help you learn how to play golf like a professional. Therefore, you need to make sure you seriously take them into account.