Tips for Buying a Good Golf Bag


Your golf bag is like a good friend. It stays with you all the time and it keeps all your belongings safe. Actually, a golf bag is used for the golf clubs. While you will find different types of golf bags on the market you may consider some features which can help you decide what type of bag is right for you. In this article, we have gathered for you some tips for buying a good golf bag.

The dividers

Most golf players choose to buy golf bags with many dividers. Moreover, you can find golf bags with 14-way dividers or carry bags without any dividers. If you are thinking about buying a golf bag, you need to know that you will find bags with full-length dividers which can keep your clubs separated while other bags don’t come with this length extension and your clubs will intermingle inside it. On the other hand, if you choose to buy a bag with more dividers, you must consider your grip sizes. Some grips are very thick and they get stuck on the sides of the divider.

The pockets

When you go shopping make sure you buy a golf bag with plenty of pockets. You may find bags with one or two pockets, but you can also find some bags with a dozen of pockets. Golf players use these pockets for tees and spare balls. That’s why, when considering pockets, you must know what type of gear do you need during a course. Whether windy or sunny weather, it will be useful to have an apparel pocket which can provide you with space for a windbreaker or a rain jacket.

Furthermore, you will surely need a valuable pocket where you can put your cell phone, money, and other valuables. You are a golf player, so your hydration is very important. Make sure you have a special pocket, such as a beverage sleeve or holster where you can put your water bottles. Moreover, you can find a golf bag with an insulated cooler pocket. This way, you can enjoy cool drinks anytime during your course. Having an umbrella holder and a rain hood are some wise choices because these can protect you in case of rain.