How to Improve Your Half-Swing Shots


It’s no mystery that golf is a very complicated sport that requires a lot of practice, patience, and attention in order to lower your handicap. One of the key elements of your game that must be improved and mastered in order to play better is the half-swing shot. If you think about your golf swing as a clock, the half-swing requires for your hands to stop at 9 o’clock on the backswing. What you will notice is that the ball will go farther than expected with this shot. This is why a lot of practice is needed to fully understand it. If you want to find out exactly what you have to do to improve your half-swing shots, continue to read this article.

Stay still

It might sound easy, and if you watch a professional hit a half-swing shot it might even look easy, but staying still to improve this shot is actually hard and it requires a lot of practice. To perfect your half-swing shot, you have to gently turn back your shoulders and arms to the club. Meanwhile, you must keep your legs still. If you want to hit a perfect half-swing ball, it’s mandatory that you master this aspect of the swing. An excellent way of improving any type of swing is to use a golf swing analyzer that monitors and corrects your posture. You can be certain you pick a good unit if you check golf analyzer ratings that reveal the accuracy of the device and the features that contribute to improving your swing.

Backswing and followthrough

Amateurs make a lot of mistakes when hitting a half-swing shot. But the most common mistake is definitely the fact that they tighten up their grip too much trying to swing easy, which causes the ball to decelerate. What you must do to proceed correctly is to start and finish the shot symmetrically. More precisely, if you start a half-swing, you must try to finish half-swing as well. Also, relax your body and don’t flap your arms to have full control over the shot.

Open your stance

Last but not least, in order to improve your half-swing shot, you must open your stance. This means that you must open your chest up to the target. The opening of the stance resembles throwing a ball in a lot of ways. It takes a lot of practice because you can’t figure out the exact distance to the target when you shoot. Even if you know the distance, you still need to repeat the movement to get accustomed to appreciating it.


    • Every device uses sensors that are built to detect an impact, so a practice swing or putt won’t register. The sensors can feel when you hit the ball but they might not make the difference between practice and a missed shot.

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