Golf Swing Tips for Women


Women might not hit the golf ball as far as men, but they can still make the ball reach an impressive distance. Of course, for this to be possible, they must learn to make use of proper swing techniques to maximize the distance off the tee. If you’re passionate about golf and you want to find out some great golf swing tips for women that will help you improve your game, read the following lines.

Consider a golf swing analyzer

The simplest way to improve your swing is to use a golf swing analyzer that records and replays your movements, thus making it easier for you to discover what you are doing wrong. A swing analyzer uses multiple sensors that detects your motions in order to help you correct your posture and perform more accurate shots. You can find the highest rated swing analyzers if you take a peek at and analyze the ratings and comparisons available on the site which will help you decide on the most efficient item.

Shift your weight

To gain more distance when you swing, you have to rotate the midsection of your body through the shot so that you shift your weight to the left side as you finish. As you finish, your thighs have to be close together, and your lower legs must form an inverted V from the knees down. If you still have problems, reduce the size of the V that you form to improve balance and gain distance.

Use your hips to resist

The power of the swing is mostly given by the winding of the upper body against the resistance provided by the lower body. To create more momentum for the downswing, you have to turn your shoulders relative to your hips. The power generated through the hitting area as the hips unwind and the shoulders follow will resemble a slingshot. To prevent any mistakes from happening, hold your right toe in at address about 20 degrees. This will help you feel the separation between the upper and lower body better, and you will have more control over the swing.

Swing through the ball

If you’re a slow swinger, you have to learn how to accelerate the club through impact at its maximum. For this, you must practice swinging with the headcover on the driver. The resistance that the clubhead will add is going to make you drive it through impact into a full finish. This way, you will learn how to use tempo, generating more power and speed.

Sweep the ball

To get the maximum out of your tee shot, you have to sweep the ball off the tee instead of hitting down on it. Practice this by teeing up the ball a little further than you usually position it, and do hitting drives. As your arms will extend through impact, the club hitting the ball on the upswing, you will be able to send the ball straighter and further.