Experts Tips on Making More Putts


Putts are smooth shots designed to send the ball to the hole. They are called putts because they take place on the putting green, which is the area covered in small grass surrounding the hole. You can say that they are the final stroke that will help you send the ball to the hole and score more points which is why golf players are so interested in them. The secret to more golf putts is in many hours of practice and in some simple rules that increase you chances of success. Professional golf players often share their expert tips to help others improve their golf game and the following ones will help you make more putts and score more points.

Don’t mind the putting arc

The putter arc is what happens when the ball doesn’t go in a straight line but takes a curved direction. One tip from Frank Thomas is to ignore this aspect and just let the ball flow because what really matters in a putt is not to allow the ball to move back and through, which is something that can naturally occur. If you don’t stress too much on the ball’s path, putting will be a lot easier.

Use your core when putting

While most golf shots happen using only your hands, putts also require your core muscles to control the golf club and prevent excess movement. A good putt means that the putterhead will stay still for a moment after the putt has been achieved, which means that the core muscles were able to control the club’s position.

Roll the ball instead of hitting it

Putting a ball means striking it firmly and not hard so you will manage to roll it smoothly towards the hole and not send it directly and risk to miss. Dave Stockton shares some of his experience and advises to try to roll the ball towards the hole with a firm yet smooth hit. He says that an open stance will send some of our body weight to the left and the putter’s shaft to the right so your left hand will go out and down the target line. Thus, the ball will slowly roll to the hole and you will achieve an excellent putt.