Best Golf Rangefinders under $200


Being a golf player you have to do your best in order to improve your game and become the best on the field. Since this sport offers a wide range of gadgets and devices that are specially meant to help the golf players, owing some indispensable equipment is a must for anyone who wants to master this game. A great example of such accessories are the golf rangefinders that proved their utility for many players along the time. However, since the golf equipment may be quite expensive, we come into your help with the best golf rangefinders under $200.
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New H2 Golf H600S Slope Laser Rangefinder

This rangefinder uses the laser-lock technology and it comes in a compact size (4.1 x 2.8 x 1.7″). As you can see, besides the fact that the H600S is small, it also lights only 7.4 ounces, which make it easy to carry and use. Also, it has the same accuracy as the branded laser rangefinders, but it only costs $169.99. Moreover, the device measures the distance up to 438 yards and it has high quality 5x magnification lens that provides quick and accurate readings. The adjustable diopter ±5 is specially created to customize your own eyesight and the device is available with a handy carry case and a 3V lithium battery included.
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Nikon COOLSHOT 20 Golf Laser Rangefinder

If you want a brand rangefinder, then Nikon COOLSHOT 20 is the one for you. At the price of only $199.95 the device offers you high quality 6x magnification lens and it measures distances up to 550 yards. Also, its easy-to-read high-eye point gives you the possibility to use it even if you’re wearing glasses. It’s powered by a CR2 lithium battery and its dimensions are 3.6 x 1.5 x 2.9 inches. Moreover, it weighs only 4.5 ounces.
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Breaking 80 Golf- SS500 Slope Laser Rangefinder

This laser rangefinder is the only one with a Lifetime replacement Plan and it’s powered by a 3-volt Cr2 battery. It features a 6x magnification and 24mm objective. It measures up to 400 yards and the IntelliScan Technology will give you the possibility to determine the distance from the various objects it detects into its radar. The Breaking 80 SS500 has high accuracy and a compact design, weighing 1 pounds. It also comes with a free carrying case and it can be purchased at the price of $169.90.